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Job Position  

І.General requirements
Education Secondary school education
Qualification Completed specialized training course for a health mediator, approved by the Ministry of Health or Diploma (Certificate) from a Medical College
Languages Knowledge of Romany / Turkish language is commendable
Additional requirements Knowledge about the health and social legislation, and knowledge about the relevant policies of the Republic of Bulgaria
Job description Mediates in the process of ensuring access to health services of representatives of vulnerable minority groups
II. Major responsibilities
  А) Work with clients:

·  Acquaintance with and formulation of the problem;

·  Assessment of the difficulties connected with the access to the respective services and elaboration of a work plan on the case. 
B) Facilitation of the process of access to services in the sphere of health care for people, needing medical assistance:

·  Helps (accompanies, informs, clarifies, explains) with the contacts between the GP and/or other medical experts and the patient;

·  Carries out patronage services to families at risk, pregnant women and young mothers.  
C) Assistance in the communications with the Health Insurance Fund:

·  The health mediator provides information on the necessity and significance of the services, provided by the National Health Insurance Fund and helps with the filling in of the necessary documentation;

·  Informs and clarifies what are the patient’s rights and responsibilities.  
D) Assistance with the communications with the Department for Social Assistance, the State Agency for Child Protection and the Commission for Protection against Discrimination:

·  The Mediator provides information about the functioning of these institutions and facilitates the clients’ access to them;

·  The Mediator approaches the respective institutions about cases of violated rights (children’s, social and human rights). 
E) Health education and prevention care for the population:

·  Consults the target group on issues related to family planning and reproductive health;

·  Explains the benefits of vaccinations and immunizations;

·  Gives advice about the principles of general hygiene and essential health issues;

·  Provides information and materials on healthful life;

·  Works together with the RICPHP and RHC and assists for the implementation of their programmes.

Additional responsibilities А) Prepares regular reports with recommendations to the respective institutions (RHC and municipal administration).  
B) Participates in the implementation of National Health Programmes, in the “Health Strategy for Disadvantaged Persons belonging to Ethnic Minorities” and in the implementation of regional health policies.  
C) Keeps unified register of the assumed cases.
Responsibility to ensure health and safety conditions at work To be instructed about the Law for Health and Safety Conditions at Work as well as about the Regulations for its applications in accordance with the job position.
III. Rights and professional development
Rights To receive in a timely manner the necessary instructions from the person s/he reports to about the performance of her/his work. To have a workplace in a premise satisfying sanitary and hygienic requirements, as well as work equipment (computer, telephone, printer and Internet connection), as well as access to the complete information, necessary for the performance of her/his work duties.
Professional development Participation in trainings for qualification improvement.
IV. Job performance evaluation criteria
Criteria ·  Observance of work discipline.

·  Performance of the orders and directions issued by the person s/he is reporting to.

·  Performance of her/his work with good quality, in a timely and professional manner.

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